Our Very EASY Website Questionnaire

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ThisĀ little marvel is a questionnaire that we came up with to eliminate time-consuming meetings, phone calls that get lost in translation and the copious amounts of emailing back and forth that some procrastinators have fallen in love with.

For us, this questionnaire is a valuable tool in time management and keeping project costs low.

Fill it out in its entirety and include as much detail as you can. The more information you provide us, the easier and more affordable your project will be.

Don’t be shy!

Website Questionnaire

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  • We won't get started on your website (or even schedule it) until we have all content and direction from you. This method saves a lot of time, frustration and most importantly, for you, keeps your costs low.
  • We won't undercut honest quotes but we may be able to identify areas that you could either do with or do without.
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